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Interfacing uOLED 96-G2 with PSoC 4 BLE from Cypress

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  • Interfacing uOLED 96-G2 with PSoC 4 BLE from Cypress

    Hi, I am Stephany Rivera and I am working on a project which consist basically on transmitting data from PC to a Display via UART.

    This is the display:
    And the programming kit reference is: CY8C4247LQI-BL483

    I do not know exactly how to interface the Display with the PSoC 4 BLE since both have different ways to communicate, but what is common is the UART communication.

    What I know is that I have to send 4DGL code over UART, but I can not even synchronize the Display with the PSoC board. I am not sure if they are interpreting different signals or something.

    Do you have any example that can help me?.

    Furthemore, I need to interface the microcamera uCAM-II as well ( which is going to send images and/or video processed by PSoC and then displayed on the Display that I mentioned before.

    Is it posible by using just one PSoC 4 BLE?
    Can you give me any example of this as well.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation, I will be waiting for your kind response.

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    Hello Stephany,

    Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in our solutions. I am not familiar with PSoC devices, so I cannot give you a specific answer, sorry. Nevertheless, if my understanding of your setup is correct, then in theory your PSoC device would need two UART ports - one for the display module and one for the uCAM-II camera. How a UART module is setup and used inside a PSoC device - I have no idea. However, AFAIK setting up a UART module when using an MCU usually starts by initializing the baudrate and buffer in the source code. Furthermore you might need to configure the start bit, stop bit, data bits, and parity bits, etc. The UART module would then run in the background. To send bytes you would use the correct command and port. To receive bytes, you would read from the buffer or directly from the port if a buffer was not setup, etc. An MCU might have one or more UART modules. With PSoC devices, the process of setting up and using UART modules might be similar or entirely different. Hopefully other forum users will be able to help you. After you are successful in making your PSoC device's UART module work, you could then interface it to our display module and to the uCAM-II camera.

    The comms protocol of the uCAM-II is defined in its datasheet.
    To get started with the uCAM-II, please see the section "The uCAM-II Serial Camera Module" of this app note:
    Designer or ViSi uCAM-II Demo for Goldelox Displays

    Our Goldelox display modules, on the other hand, can be operated as a serial slave device. For more information please see this application note:
    Serial Goldelox Getting Started - The SPE Application

    If you want to learn how UART comms is implemented on Goldelox and define your own protocol, please see this codebase example:
    4D-CD-00045 Designer or ViSi Goldelox Serial Communication

    Hope the above helps and BR,


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      Thank you very much for your response.

      I already could send data to the display via UART by transmitting hexadecimal code. Also, I found this post, were I can download some libraries which can help me to send the data I want in a higher programming functions ( But I have an issue, my compiler can not find the library "windows.h". Do you have any stack of libraries compatible with the Goldelox system and Windows for C?

      I will be waiting for your kind response.



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        Hmm, windows.h is pretty standard stuff.

        Comment it out and see if you can resolve any reported errors using the documentation (i.e. applicable libraries) for your compiler.


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          i want to do is whenever i press the winbutton One frequency will generate and whenever i press this same winbutton another frequency will generate and same process will be going on .
          but main problem is i just want to do is in place of arduino module our requirement is to be psoc 5LP module .
          How Can i Do it Please Guide Me..

          i am using Visi-Genie Environment .
          i am using gen4-24DT LCD(diablo16).
          i want to use in place of Arduino module psoc 5lp module.

          I am waiting for Positive Answer.
          Thank you.

          Best Regards
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