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Distorted gauges. but only some of them

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  • Distorted gauges. but only some of them

    I have a project with several gauge pages and some of them do not display properly. They show up as very distorted and resemble a 2d image that has been skewed by stretching the bottom to the left a bunch.

    The code is here:

    I've been trying to debug this off and on for about a month now and haven't gotten anywhere. Changing the order of display doesn't help. I've also tried just doing one of the ones that doesn't work but in a separate project and it still doesn't render correctly.

    Am I addressing the frames' memory correctly? My SD card appears to be normally functioning. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dear stirobot,
    Thank you for using products. The problem with your code is the property of the widgets particularly the oilTempMeter & redOilTempMeter. The width property of the widgets is wrong that is why the images are distorted. Please take note of the properties of the widget generated by 4d Workshop because some settings may not work. Attached is the Visi corrected code.
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      Noel. Thank you for the response! I adjusted what you pointed out and a negative offset I was using and everything works wonderfully now.