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  • Changing as imagem

    Hello Support

    Is there any way to implement the following idea: Hold the image for 2 seconds and be redirected to another form and it, to choose another image, where this new image to replace the first?

    Thank you

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    You posted this in the ViSi forum, you can easily do this in ViSi, so I suspect you are using Genie.

    In Genie you can use your controller to do this.

    If you don't have a controller you will need to use Genie Magic


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      Hello Support,

      The implementation is in ViSi because I have some images that will be used as buttons. I'm having difficulty developing these buttons (pictures), where you can hold for 2 seconds and replace them with other (image). Can you help me ? Something very similar to the attached image.

      Thank you Click image for larger version

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        What part are you having trouble with?

        When the button is pressed you start a 2 second timer.
        When the button is released you check the timer, if the timer has expired the button was pressed for 2 seconds.
        You can then img_Show those images, if they are part of a 'video' you will need to use img_SetPosition() and img_SetWord (for IMAGE_INDEX) before finally doing img_Show()


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          Basically I worked in img_SetWord function (handle, index, offset, word) by changing the parameter 'word', so when I touch the desired image, it changes this parameter.