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  • Tearing effect


    I'm trying to display rapidly changing images (basically a movie) on the picadillo. However, I get a strong tearing effect (TE; visible flicker) when frame rate is below 50ms.

    I looked at the specs, and the HX8357 can return the TE signal. TE is activated during initialization of the device (in picadillo.cpp) but I can not see any further evidence for actually using it (unless it is done automatically bu the controller, which is unlikely due to the strong flicker). I can see that orientation of the display matters, meaning that setting the memory write direction to match pixel update direction can help. I also tried checking DMA busy signal in the software, which again helps a bit, but I can still see stripes on the display.

    Just for sanity check, I hooked my picadillo to a different computer, installed all the libraries and ran the example primitives.ino, and sure thing, reducing the delay between frames introduces flicker.

    I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, basically any code that allows movies should have solved this by now...

    I would appreciate your comments on this