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Bare metal SPI with Ultibo

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  • Bare metal SPI with Ultibo

    Got some 4DPI-35 I want to use with Ultibo software.
    Ultibo is a bare metal system, no Linux OS so no Linux device tree, drivers etc.
    Ultibo framebuffer is working for HDMI but how do I get it to work via the SPI port?

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    Are you saying you have Ultibo partially working with the 4DPI-35, or are you saying that Ultibo works with a real Pi using HDMI?

    Just trying to work out where you are at.


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      Ultibo works with the Pi Display via HDMI in framebuffer mode, touchscreen not working yet.
      Others have use a SPI LCDs in Ultibo.

      But I have some 4D LCDs which have a xilinx chip on it.
      How to write data via SPI to unknown registers in the xilinx?
      There is no 4D-systems data sheet for this chip?
      Cannot use the Linux driver because not using Linux.

      Oberon is also maybe coming to Ultibo, it does GUI's.


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        Hi Gavinmc

        We are in talks with Ultibo at the moment actually, trying to figure out the best way forward.

        Until then, I can point you to the source for the 4DPi drivers, which you may be able to look at porting to Ultibo yourself.
        specifically the 4d-hats.c file

        If that is not an option, then I guess just wait a bit and hopefully we will have a solution for 4DPi's and Ultibo soon.



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          I have a couple of your old V1 3.5" I want to use.
          This is a link I just sent Garry

          Garry nearly has fpGUI going on Ultibo.

          This would be a interesting option for your Armadillo boards too.
          Ultibo so far in a few months of testing has proven to be very reliable.
          My application plus webservers, data loggers etc makes a <2MB kernel.bin
          CSV/SVNing a few pascal files <10KB each makes for easy backup and maintenance.
          Used to have to backup lots of 8GB SDcards.

          I can wait, still got lots to learn and get coded.

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