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Sliding finger off a touched button does not create a touch_released

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  • Sliding finger off a touched button does not create a touch_released

    I'm using Picasso Visi.

    In the fancy buttons example, if I press and release the momentary button, it works. If I press the momentary button and slide my finger off of it, it does not release.
    Is there a built in elegant way to trap this TOUCH_MOVING scenario and get it to set TOUCH_RELEASED? I'd hoped I wouldn't have to track x,y co-ords or store flags.

    I have 4 user buttons defined and working as in the example.
    If I slide my finger off of a pressed button, I don't get a touch_released. If I look at the image touched handle in state TOUCH_MOVING, it reports the correct new button as I move onto the new one, but I never get a TOUCH_RELEASED. What I'd hoped for is the old button to indicate it is released as I slide across to a new button.

    Does someone have a routine hanging around to take care of this? I searched the forums, nothing popped up.


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    Never mind... used flags to store old value and clean up old pressed buttons..... Would be nice if this was built in..


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      You need to use flags, or some other method, that really amounts to flags.

      If you think about it, you really do get the touch released, it's just because the image control that was being touched is not where the release occurs, if you move over another image control then the TOUCH_RELEASED would occur over that.

      This is consistent with other OSes, if you click on a button in windows and move the mouse off it before releasing it doesn't get clicked.

      Of course in ViSi you can handle it any way you like, by pretending it was actually clicked on, or that moving off it is an 'I touched the wrong image, abort'.