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  • Somo ii busy


    I bought SOMO II audio module and it reports busy for all the commands I send, except for the reset command. At power on it sends correct status to the serial (SD card detected or No media detected), but Busy output is LOW (LED OFF). this is the case even when the is no SD card inserted. I sent the STOP command 7E 16 00 00 00 FF EA EF and it still says busy by replying with 7E 40 00 00 01 FF BF EF. I tried different commands with no luck.
    Please help.

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    Hi Phalits,

    May you provide me your codes, and also your schematic (if possible), so I can simulate it on my end and determine the problem?
    What platform are you using to operate the SOMO-II?

    You can also try this troubleshooting program (attached file) while I am troubleshoot it on my end. You can use our uUSB PA-5 or any
    USB to UART devices on using this program.

    Thank you.
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      Thank you Sir for the response.
      am using PIC MPLAB assembly and I connected the module using serial as it is show in the datasheet. I used the software you sent and attached is the responses I get from the module. I used the uUSB-PA II USB to Serial module.
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        Hi Phalits,

        It is possible that the SOMO-II has not initialized properly yet. Please try the following steps:
        1.) Connect the uUSB-PA to the SOMO-II but leave the 5V disconnected.
        2.) Open the Troubleshooting software I provided, and connect it to the SOMO (refresh com, connect....)
        3.) Connect the 5v supply. The serial monitor should display without pressing anything.
        Rx: 7E 3F 00 00 02 FF BF EF "SOMO-II has just started up, uSD Card detected."

        Another possible cause, is the SD card; the SOMO-II may experience difficulty in reading the SD Card, that is why it is always displaying "module is busy", like
        what happens when you remove the SD Card and send commands.
        Can you try a different SD Card? Some brands of SD Cards are not read properly by the SOMO-II.


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          Hi Mark

          I followed the steps you advised me to, after I have connectedthe SOMO-II to the uUSB-PA (with 5V disconnected) and started the software, when I connect 5V to the module with the uSD card inserted it responds as its shown in the attachment named "Connect before PowerOn".

          When do the same with uSD not inserted it responds as in attachment named "Connect before PowerOn no_uSD". I then iserted the uSD while the power is connected and sent reset command. It still says busy.

          On the "normal" attachment I built the SOMO-II circuit with the USB-PA disconnected, I then started the software and connected the software with the uUSB_PA, when I pluged the uUSB-PA to the SOMO circuit thats how it responded.
          I then removed the power from SOMO and connected it back, then it started responding with detected and removed.
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            Hi Phalits,

            I have a few questions:

            1.) What SD Card brand are you using? (Kingston? Transcend?)
            2.) What file format is the SD Card in? is it FAT16 or FAT32?
            3.) What is the format of your audio files? (.mp3? .wav?)
            4.) Where are the files located on the SD card? (root, in a folder? please explain)
            5.) What are the file names?


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              Hi Mark

              The problem is solved, I had mp3 files loaded on FAT16 but with long manes, I changed the names to four characters starting with 0 and it worked. But why does it not give the error accordingly? It kept saying busy all along.


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                Good day Phalits,

                The SOMO-II is not capable of reading ID3 information from the MP3 files,
                so it purely relies on the name of the file as the index (Primary method),
                or the order the files were copied onto the media (Secondary Method).

                The SOMO-II recognizes any file name that you place on the audio file,
                this is why no error message comes up.

                If you need to use a specific serial command (e.g. playing
                a specific track) it is highly recommended that you index the file.
                so that the SOMO-II may execute it correctly. For example:


                Best Regards,