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New splash screen won't show

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  • New splash screen won't show

    I am using a uOled 96-G2 and some time ago I made a custom splash screen. Now I want to change that screen but can't manage. Here are the symptoms:

    -changed the splash screen (only minor change) and compiled it to the uSD card: the old splash screen appears upon start up
    -changed a Cool gauge size just to check and compiled to sd card: the new gauge appears
    -did a formatting of the sd card: old splash still appears
    -did a deep formatting of sd card and compiled old splash and coolgauge: splash does not appear any longer but cool gauge does

    Where should I look to solve this problem?


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    I'm sorry to know that you are having that problem.
    Have you tried to change the uSD Card? or load the SPE again?

    You have modified the splash screen, right? Upload the SPE to uOLED 96-62, then look at %TEMP% folder, there will be a 4DGL code names "temp.4dg", this should contain the latest SPE splash screen. Please also, send us the temp.4dg for checking.

    I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, can you please send some
    photos of your setup and display? Also the code, so we can troubleshoot further.

    Best Regards,
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      Just one question about the SPE as I am getting a bit confused. The SPE button only appears when I create a new (empty) project. But I want to use an existing project with a changed splash screen, but then the SPE button is not shown in the top menu. So what is the correct sequence of events in terms of SPE, uSD card, compiling etc.?
      And where is this %TEMP% folder located? On my PC there is no such folder and when I look to the uSD card in my file manager it shows empty. But also a working uSD card with the old splash screen shows empty in the file manager.
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        Hi ,

        I am sorry for the confusion. I believe it is best that you share a copy of your project so we can clearly understand the problem and give better suggestion on how to resolve the issue.

        In the mean time, kindly read this forum thread:

        In C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils , look for the corresponding .INC file for your module which is "UOLED-96-G2.INC" and back it up.
        Edit this in notepad or any text editor according to the new Splash Screen you made. Save it.

        Then use the Serial Environment and click SPE Load. This must load the new Splash Screen you made.

        You can find the temp4D.4dg file at C:\Users\Default Admin-PC\AppData\Local\Temp

        This .4dg file contains the changes you made.

        Hope this helps.



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          Hi, thanks for the info. Meanwhile I figured out the culprit: the memory address of the splash image. These have to be the same for the following files:
          C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils\UOLED-96-G2.INC
          and have to be edited using a text editor

          the correct memory address can be found in the file (presume your project name is "myownproject")
 which is save in your project directory\myownproject4Dwork

          In 4D workshop edit your splash screen and save it to the uSD card using the compile button, with the uSD card inserted in your PC. The uSD card is preferably first formatted using the RMpet function in the tools menu. In this menu, the SPE function is not present. So in order to use the SPE function you must create a new blank project, only then the SPE button appears in the tools menu.

          As you can see, the whole procedure is very daunting and contrasts strongly with the 4DWorkshop user interface. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra button in the tools menu which does all the above?


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            You are doing something 'non standard'. If we created a 'special button' for every non standard thing you could do we'd be at it forever, sorry.