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RPi1 + 4dpi-32 v1.x

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  • RPi1 + 4dpi-32 v1.x

    Hi, I'm desperatly trying to getting RPi1 + 4dpi-32 v1.x with the latest Raspbian to work.

    It seems like 4dpi-3x_4-1-10_v1.0.tar.gz from the product site is outdated since it does not boot (headless setup, I don't get a ssh connection after applying the archive) using the latest Raspbian.

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    Hi sonium,

    Good Day.

    You can follow this instruction for your 4DPi-32 v1.x to boot

    Installing Kernel package to rPi

    1. Download the latest rpi jessie image from
    2. Put the image on the micro SD Card
    3. Put the micro Sd card on the Rpi and power on.
    4. Use network adaptor and connect the rPi to a router to access the internet
    5. Update and upgrade your rpi.
    6. When finished the update and upgrade. Reboot the rpi.
    7. After booting and internet connection is established, download the 4DPi hats kernel package.


    8. When download complete, untar the file

    sudo tar -xzvf 4d-hats_4-4-9_v1.0.tar.gz -C /

    9. On rPi1, you will need to edit the config.txt

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    10. Find the line,

    #uncomment if running on RPi2

    #uncomment if running on RPi1

    11. Comment the line kernel=kernel7_hat.img, make it #kernel=kernel7_hat.img
    12. Uncomment the line #kernel=kernel_hat.img, make it kernel=kernel_hat.img it should look like the one below,

    #uncomment if running on RPi2

    #uncomment if running on RPi1

    13. Also, find and uncomment the line #dtoverlay=4dpi-32

    # uncomment one of the ovrlays if loading from EEPROM is not supported

    14. Save the file.
    15. You need to rename the file 4dpi-32.dtb to 4dpi-32.dtbo

    On SSH,

    sudo mv /boot./overlays/4dpi-32.dtb /boot/overlays/4dpi-32.dtbo
    sudo reboot

    16. Finally, shutdown the rpi and put the 4DPi hats on it.