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Unable to communicate to Picaso

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  • Unable to communicate to Picaso

    I just received my 4duino. I followed the 'getting started' using Arduino IDE version 1.6.11. I found the Display_print example from

    However, when I flash the example, I see the original "4D Systems Pty Ltd" but nothing else. I also noticed that the LED (pin 13) starts blinking quickly.

    I also tried the "Big" example, as well as powering it up using the headers (so USB is disconnected) but no difference.

    It sounds like I am unable to communicate to the Picaso engine, and an error is occurring, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this issue, as I'm using everything out-of-the-box.

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    Hi lazerdye,

    What document are you following?

    Have you tried following our Quick Start Guide?
    You can also find instructions from the datasheet.

    The 4Duino uses the Picaso_Serial_4DLib Library. However, the examples provided with it is actually written for a Arduino that interfaces with our displays using a Adaptor Shield. These examples can be modified to work with 4Duino.

    You only need to change Serial to Serial1 and change the reset routine IO pin from 4 to 30. You also need to change the baudrate to what the display is using. That is 200000.

    I'd also like to mention that Workshop 4 IDE contains several examples made for 4Duino and it is best to refer to those.

    Best Regards,
    Juniel Cruz


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      That did it, I have text! I highly recommend mentioning this in the getting started guide, it is not in the Quick Start Guide, nor in the datasheet! I bought this from and expected it to work with the Arduino IDE, I would not have purchased it otherwise. I do not have Windows (Mac and Linux) so I cannot use the Workshop IDE.

      But now that I can communicate with the display properly, I'll continue with my project, thank you.


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        Thanks for your suggestion.

        This matter has been taken into account and is being taken care of.
        Juniel Cruz