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FT843 issues

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  • FT843 issues

    Hi, I am trying to setup the FT843, but strange things are happening here - important to say that I am not an Arduino user and never used this display before.

    I have done the initialization with the parameters suggested in the "FT800 Series Programmer Guide", but when I make a display list using begin(points) or begin(bitmaps) problems start to appear. When I print a single character, it is printed but part of the background get messy. When I print a point, an extra point is printed somewhere over the y=0 line. Drawing lines is fine. I am attaching two photos of the display and the relevant code. I would be grateful if someone could help me on this. Thanks.
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    Hi Ramos,

    Thank you for purchasing the 4DLCD-FT843. Based on your message, the display is functioning as you were able to initialize and draw lines on it.

    FTDI directly handles software support for the 4DLCD-FT843, as it uses the FT800 (FTDI graphics processor). They also write and supply the libraries and demos for this shield/display combo. Hardware support is provided by 4D Systems. You may contact FTDI thru their Support page:



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      I tend to agree with you, Doff, it doesn't seem to be a problem with the display itself, although from the buyer point of view the final product is the whole thing. Funny thing is that when I do the same thing using the RAM_CMD segment (co-processor command buffer), i can print text normally but there is still an extra point when printing points. I will try to contact them - thanks anyway. Ramos