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Documentation for Picaso_Serial_4DLib.h and .cpp

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  • Documentation for Picaso_Serial_4DLib.h and .cpp


    I recently purchased a 4duino-24 starter kit. I cannot afford to purchase a license for the Workshop4 IDE as I'm using the board for a class project and have reached my budget limit. So, I have to program the display of the 4duino-24 using Arduino IDE itself. But it's not a huge hurdle as I do not require advanced graphics, just some rectangular boxes with text and color.

    I have looked at your example projects (attached an example) to understand the code but I could not find documentation for the functions. Maybe I did not look deep enough but could you please point me towards these resources?

    Thanks a lot!
    Also, great product!! I bought it more so I could use it rather than the project needing it, haha.
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    I haven't used the 4duino-24 starter kit, but I have used the Workshop4 IDE. It's free unless you want the Pro version. Give it a try.


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      The only page I always land at is this :

      And it does not have a link to the installer or any details about the free version


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        It's actually a huge logo at the top of the downloads section. See attached.
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          You do not need to purchase Workshop4 to use the 4Duino.
          Workshop4 is Free, the PRO version license costs, which adds functionality to ViSi-Genie, but that is not what is used (by default) for the 4Duino, so its a non issue.
          Download Workshop4 for free by clicking on the big download image, as TomLewis2 mentioned above.