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  • Help keyboard+sdcard

    Hello! I would like to write a sketch where typing a password on the display using the keyboard, being stored on sdcard. Using your sketch as in the software, I was able to understand the operation of the keyboard and convert the key to char. But I can not save it to the sd. Do you have any example or can you tell me the commands to be executed? Thank you

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    Hi ilbonch,

    You might want to take a look on this appnote:

    Serial uSD Card Access FAT16

    It demonstrates to the user the basics of reading and writing to a micro SD with the use of FAT16 internal functions.

    Also you might want to play around with the FAT16 File Functions on the Internal functions manual.

    For Diablo16 starting on page 302:

    Here are some Keyboard appnotes: (Might want to use some arrays and pointers while using the keyboard widget.)

    Thank you and Regards,


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      thank you very much for helping!! I try now !!!