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Gen4 IB - no serial output

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  • Gen4 IB - no serial output


    I'm trying to integrate my uLCD into an existing device for data display and diagnosis.
    We connected the display via interface board to our atmel based device uart port.

    When working with the PA we get the signal and all events to the terminal, connecting via the interface board, we get no data from the display.
    At the moment I can't track down where the problem lies.

    The IB is connected via USB-Serial adapter to the PC. DTR and RTS are connected, as toggling the signal triggers the display reset.
    It seems like there is nothing comming in on the Tx/Rx.

    Can anybody give me a hint what I'm doing wrong here?


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    Hi mphanke,

    Have you deffinitely got the TX and RX pins around the right way? Have you tried swapping them?
    Please post up a picture of your wiring, as RTS is not used in our reset process, only DTR via cap and transistor arrangement, if you look at the PA Datasheet schematic.
    What pins were you using on the gen4-PA when it was working? Have you changed the serial port you were using?
    Need more info please



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      Hi James
      sorry for the late reply. I confused a couple things...

      The situation is the following:
      placed 2 buttons with Genie and uploaded to Display.
      we have the Gen4 IB hooked up
      a) to our controller
      b) to a usb to serial dongle

      Pinning was checked in all possible variations. RX > RX | RX > TX, we receive no output...

      Current pinning is
      5V > 5V
      TX > RX
      RX > TX
      GND > GND
      RES -> not used

      When pressing the button and having the display connected to the PA >> we get a event reply.
      When pressing the button and having the display connected to the IB >> we get no event reply at all...

      There is nothing happening - what migh be the cause? Any hints?



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        Dear mphanke,

        Thank you for using our products. The gen4 PA works since it has the RESET
        signal connected which is needed by the 4D LCD.

        However, when using the Gen4-IB, you need a USB to Serial
        Bridge to interface the 4D LCD. And with your wiring,
        you stated that RESET is not used. The RESET signal
        is needed by the 4D LCD so it will be initialized to
        a known state so it will work properly.

        Can you please try to use a uUSB-PA5 or a uUSB-PA5-II
        for the gen4-IB?

        Best regards,


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          Hi Noel

          thanks for your reply.
          To avoid misunderstandings, another outline...
          We want to use the IB comming with the display for communication. Meaning sending WRITE_OBJ and WRITE_STR via UART.

          From the documentation we understood this is sufficient, connecting the right pins on our controller....

          Pressing a button gives me this results:
          B8 FF FF CD 00
          FF FF FF CD 00

          which is pretty odd as I expect it to be some kind of Event Message...