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copy sd armadillian on other sd

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  • copy sd armadillian on other sd

    Hi, I bought from you a sk-70t armadillo, with already 'operating system on your sd 4gb.vorrei make a copy of this sd.ho tried to download the file 43 4dsytems the Armadillo-T armadillian jessie R_1_4 and Win32diskimager and install the IMG on sd 8gb , but you see only the boot logo 4D a bit 'more' larger than usual and then more 'niente.Non have skills, can you help me? Thanks

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    Hi ciccio,

    You might want to check the getting started section in the Armadillo datasheets:

    For the Armadillo-43(T): (page 7 then page 9)

    For the Armadillo-70(T):

    It also includes what should be expected after writing an image on the SD card.

    Hope this helps and Regards,


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      I bought a display ARMADILLO 70-T, but it does not turn on I am using a 5VDC source of 2A. Is there a special sequence or procedure to start the screen? Could you help me.


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        Hi Nestor,

        Have you checked the PWR LED at the back of the Armadillo after connecting it to a power source?

        The Armadillo can be powered up in 3 different ways. It features a DC Barrel Jack, a microUSB
        socket, and power pins on the H1 header.

        Take note also to have the correct/compatible image and boot files written on the inserted uSD card upon powering.

        Failing to insert an uSD card with a compatible image might also be the cause of a blank display upon power-up.

        More guides and steps can be found here, On page 7 just in case it was overlooked:

        Hope this helps,