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4duino - WiFi Temperature project - no gauges on display

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  • 4duino - WiFi Temperature project - no gauges on display


    Can't get the project to display graphics.

    Steps taken
    Added SSID and password to program
    Added WriteAPI string

    compile and load - display shows good connection to local wi-fi. thingspeak starts receiving values but they are unrelated to actual room temp!
    force celcius var to equal 23 in the script and thinkspeak records it!

    Succussfully run simple arduino program to show celcius and it works - temp displays accurately on serial monitor. therefore TMP36 is good.

    4duino never displays temp gauges or values.

    Other 4duino projects load and display ok.


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    Hi scot101,

    Did the program successfully wrote the needed files in the SD Card (FAT16 format) ?

    Also, have you tried the example projects using the extended graphics that comes with the workshop?

    You can find them under 'Files' - 'Samples' - '4Duino' - 'Extended Graphics'. You could try the Coolgauge example.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi Joseph, thanks for your reply. Still no joy!! I can load other sample files - coolgauge etc all load without issue. Whereas Wifi temp sample fails. I see it make wifi connection and transmit data to thinkspeak I still don't see anything on the screen ( except the initial text showing wifi connection). Two files are written to the microSD card - WIFI_T~1,dat and WIFI_T~1.gci.

      I'm at a loss.


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        Hi scot101,

        I have attached a new project zip file that you can try.

        I have changed this line to match the files being copied into your sd card:

        hndl = Display.file_LoadImageControl("WiFi_T~1.dat", "WiFi_T~1.gci", 1);

        Hope this helps,
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          Fixed. thank you! I should have spotted that. I'm not clear though on what caused the file names to change?