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ulcd-70dt baud rate

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  • ulcd-70dt baud rate

    The IDE has a max baud rate of 256,000 and the LCD is capable of up to 600,000 baud, currently moving my project over to the teensy 3.5 platform, it's capable of 7,500,000 baud.
    Due to the amount of data I have been pushing through the mega2560 uart @ 200,000 baud, I was wondering if you could enable the higher baud so I would be able to test data flow, especially of the canbus traffic on the lcd.

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    the comms tab shows 600,000 baud, however the Genie tab in preferences shows 256,000 max, which one has priority during compile?


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      Hi tonton81,

      The baud rate currently selected in 'Comms Speed' under the Project tab is the one the project uses.

      The default Baud Rate under Options is the one that the Genie Environment uses initially upon starting.

      Best Regards,


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        ive attempted to test 300k-600k baud rate for uLCD-70-DT on teensy 3.5 which is capable of doing 7.5Mbaud max, however, seeing teensy to teensy results of people communication between them at 6Mbaud successfully, im unable to get the diablo processor to communicate past the 200k mark. at 300k its flaky and stalls, and doesnt work higher, ive tested with very short jumpers teensy to lcd direct without success. ive left my project running at 200k for now


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          Hi tonton81,

          There might be an issue on the matching of the actual baud rates being used between the two processors.

          On page 242 of the Diablo16 internal functions, (some rates are listed here)

          When you declare BAUD_375000, according to the datasheet, 397727 is the actual rate being used with 6.06% baud rate error. So the teensy's baud rate might not match the diablo's actual baud rate.

          For com_SetBaud(comport, baudrate/10), the specific actual baud rates has not yet been listed as of the moment, perhaps you could try to experiment this one with Teensy's as well.

          Hope this helps,


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            sounds like fun hehehe ill have to do a little homework on this and test it at home, thanks


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              the teensy baud rate is very accurate it seems, with a 0.00% error at 625,000 baud (lcd datasheet & teensy baud rate formula) for teensy+ulcd-70dt
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                In that case then, if you set 600,000 baud in the Project comms speed and 625000 baud in the Teensy, then communication should work. (refer to the table on Page 242 of the Diablo16 internal functions manual)


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                  yup, the video shows it and im letting it run for awhile on the bench now


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                    i have good news, in my other thread i was getting digit timeouts for a brief second every few secs, initially i thought it was the baud rate 625000 as per the datasheet, but today i noticed it happen after it being fine at 312500 baud, i started debugging the output from the canbus data stream after realizing when the digits stopped, the other live icons were still working, so it wasnt the lcd! it seems the canbus was timing out at 2 mhz and comming back throwing me off, i dropped it to 1 mhz last night and shifted back to 625000k on the ulcd-70dt and its running great without any reported naks or timeouts. i would also like to mention the ulcd-43pt is also running at 625000 as well both at 0.00% error rate and neither are experiencing naks or timeouts, both are on about 22 gauge, solid core, 10 foot cabling to a teensy.