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Using 320QVT TFT display module with stm32f407

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  • James_4DSystems
    Hello Niko,

    This is not a 4D Systems display or module...
    Think you are on the wrong forum?


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  • Niko
    started a topic Using 320QVT TFT display module with stm32f407

    Using 320QVT TFT display module with stm32f407

    I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get a small 320QVT TFT module up and running. The documentation available is quite vague, but I know the module used a SSD1289 TFT driver, and that 16 address pins are brought out on the module, as well as control lines. Although the module has an SD slot, and touchscreen ability, at the moment I'm just trying to get the display working.

    This is a pinout of the available connections on the board.

    I currently have pins dealing with touchscreen and SD card left floating (pins 29 - 40). There is one pin (16) labeled F_CS, which I am unsure what to do with, so at present it is also currently left floating.

    I managed to find some documents which allegedly contains an initialisation and basic functions for the screen, which I have configured to run on the MCU I am using, which is an stm32f407VG (discovery board). But, unfortunately I'm still not able to get any control of the device. The thing lights up when powered on, but nothing else occurs.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has used one of these with much success with one of these and can see any problems in the code, or has example code, or just advice.