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Ship MicroSD cards with standard SD card adaptor.

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  • Ship MicroSD cards with standard SD card adaptor.

    Pretty much as title. I've bought 2 of the industrial microSD cards and while they fit the screens they're for, I'm having to really search carefully to find an adaptor that's compatible. There's lots of cheap stuff that have one star ratings out there and I'm getting mixed messages about the MicroSD to SD card adaptors needing to be for a specific brand. The ones on the 4D site seem to be unbranded making the search.... interesting.

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    those adaptors and/or extensions, some of them contain a ~ 331 ohm pullup smt resistor, open the black plastic up and either snip the resistor or desolder it. The adaptor/extension should work after.
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      Thank you for the heads up. I've read through your post about the cable extensions and I'll keep that in mind. It's the microSD to SD card 'envelopes' I've been struggling with slightly. Seems there's a lot of trash out there waiting for people to hit the 'buy' button.


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        yes but they might include the pullups as well


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          Well, apparently, part of my issue may be solved as the MicroDrive is apparently being made by 4D again, though there's no 'Buy' button on the website and it's listed under 'End of Life' products.

          If there's a newer version about to be released then may I ask for 2 things;

          1) a way to screw it down or otherwise fix the thing in place so it can be used in a Case and not just flop about or rely completely on the soldering of the pins to keep it in place?
          2) an option to connect it to a microSD card extension cable such as discussed in tonton81's thread... or even have that as part of the package?


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            I don't think I really understand what you need. If you're talking about those adaptors that look just like an SD card but with a small slot in the bottom to plug in the uSD, then I can recommend a Kingston adaptor. They're usually included with high capacity uSD cards for smartphones or DSLRs.

            I've been using my industrial grade uSD cards from 4D Systems with a Kingston adaptor and never had any issues.


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              Thank you. Spot on for one of the things I need and what the initial post was about. I did confuse things when I started talking about the uSD extension cables.

              Another solution would have been the 4D MicroDrive with the uUSB-PA5, but that seems like an extra step that's not really ideal when I have an SD card reader in may laptop already.

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            Did a spot of reading up on the various makes and such.... Kingston didn't come up looking very good if I was buying the actual memory. Seems they have a problem with 'Ghost shifts' in their manufacturing plants from what I've read. That said, I can't find any new adapters sold on their own that actually look legit as a lot of them use the D from SanDisk with the two breaks in the curve of the D when they print SD on the 'Kingston' brand SD cards. Actual Kingston SD cards don't have that where they have SD printed on them. That said, how much does it matter with these adapters.... well considering some of the fakes don't actually fit inside SD slots I'd say quite a bit.

            Ended up finding a company called mobymemory here in the uk that seems to be on the up and up. They charge far less than somewhere like Maplin Electronics for pretty much the same thing. I've put in an order and will update when they arrive.


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              Well the Adaptors have arrived. I ordered 4 and they've sent me 5. I've sent them an email to ask what they want me to do with the extra 1. All of the one's received are the correct size and actually work, which was my main worry with buying from ebay. Not really a lot to say about these things. They've put their own name on them which I thought was a fair indication that they'd work, but it's always good to get them and actually find that you're correct about that.