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Graperain SBC serial communication

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  • Graperain SBC serial communication


    I am having certain problems communicating with a Graperain SBC. I am connecting a u-lcd 32 pt module to the Graperain SBC by means of a usb hub, and when running a method to send a simple hex string to the display, I notice that it resets. I have thought that this is due to the use of the usb cable that is used for programming the device as well as communicating with it (I have used the same cable to communicate with it via docklight, and it only resets after I choose to close the connection from the docklight side). Is there any way to avoid this? It seems that whenever the serial connection is closed the device resets.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    This could be a 'feature' of Windows and/or the way serial comms is carried out.

    IIRC when you open a comms port and change certain comms parameters, using setcommstate(), windows will toggle DTR 'for you' thus causing the device to reset.

    If you have written all the programs yourself, you should be able to make sure they are all consistent and thus prevent this happening.

    If you are using someone else's program and your own, you may be able to figure out a combination that stops this happening.

    Good luck.