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animation button limitation

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  • animation button limitation

    is there a limitation to the utilization of the animation buttons? I am able to cause an EVE Stack Overflow by pressing 5 or 6 buttons sequentially
    EVE Stack Overflow
    UserHeap 29438
    SysHeap 11984
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    i went through other threads regarding this error and it seems it has to do with recursion? the display is only powered and not connected to an mcu when i was testing the screen buttons. even if you pressed 3 buttons maybe 1 or 2 might briefly stop animation until the 3rd went a lil ahead then the other 2 followed, which seems weird


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      Hi tonton81,

      Can you post you project so that we can check if there something else causing the problem and might find a way to prevent it.

      On a side note, this forum post might shed some light on things:


      There's also a suggestion there about increasing the default STACK SIZE, if there are no infinite recursing.

      Hope this helps,
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        yes i read that however i am in the genie environment not visi/designer, ill post it tonight when i get home (15 or so hours), its only the animated buttons that trigger it but if i can add more stack its better, but like i said im using genie so maybe it might have to be a magic code or something. ive tested them as momentary, matrix, and toggle, anyways ill upload them later


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          attached are the hvac buttons i did in photoshop, each one has 157 images (0->156) for the animation. the errorno15 will happen whether it's connected to the mcu or not. hopefully fixable so i can design an hvac layout similar to the gauges, and probably re-use the button animations elsewhere in the forms.. this set of 157 images x 10 icons is ~ 200 megs, including my whole project might not be a good idea. the upload failed, maybe 200 is too large a limit, ill try to send one then, just make extra (same) buttons i guess with it to test with (20 megs button zip file attached). i've also added the check engine light, oil change, door ajar, trunk, hood, seatbelt etc to the display as well, and added offline animation when car is not running. darn i need to work on the other forms :P

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            Can you send us your source, just to ensure we are testing the same wheel?

            You can send it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au, if you don't want to post it here


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              im sending it now via my carpc on LTE, zipped at about 230megs, hotmail and onedrive fail upload, i sent it via gmail


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                and the forms are changed manually from teensy until i add buttons. so either command form3 to load as main in IDE or use the GTX tool to switch and test the HVAC section buttons


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                  Yep, worked that out already.

                  The problem revolves around the message from the compiler
                  "Note: 8 Button Animation Timers in use, more may be needed for optimal operation."

                  Still it shouldn't be failing the way it is. It's getting late in the day here. I'll continue on in the morning


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                    take your time


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                      So the stack is being exhausted due to the timers for the button animation firing over the top of each other, due to the size of the images and the speed of the animation.

                      The best way to fix this is by keeping the timers firing sequentially.

                      Please unzip the attached into C:\Program Files (x86)\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\Genie\DIABLO

                      Then force a rebuild of your project.
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                        thanks Mark,

                        I am testing it now and I can't reproduce the EVE error anymore which is great, However, there is a total LCD lockup if you attempt an 8 button sequence, which requires a reset/power cycle
                        I was thinking the eventspospone that you added in the file would prevent the next button from triggering code or animation until the first one finished but still all are pressable, and locks up the lcd

                        is it possible, after pressing one button (the animated ones specifically), not necessarily stop all lcd code, but only stop sequential animated buttons from triggering until the first one is complete?

                        PS: I like how you can view the animation of the press until it's complete before it switches the form, so it means the command is issued after the animation. looks great and very useful for using in other forms in my project
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                          I think I have found a bug, if for example you press a button to change form then press another button, the initial button command never runs, example:

                          I set "Auto" button to change to Gauges form and recompiled
                          I pressed "Auto" and before the animation finishes, press any of the other buttons, it will not change form

                          it does the exact same thing without the file you posted
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                            For the first problem, I would have sworn I tested that with your setup just to prove that it did the correct thing, but now I see that it doesn't work anymore, so maybe the fix broke it.

                            For the second one, I will check and get back to you.


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                              So yep, the fix broke the handling when all the timers were used up.... And the event handling was NQR.

                              Obviously not too many people using Animated buttons.

                              This all goes in the same folder as before.

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