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animation button limitation

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    not to many, but soon who knows


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      thanks mark, it works well now
      is it possible to prevent the next animated button from being pressed until the current button's animation is finished? (this will remove the slowdown of the animations and reduce the use of timers)
      More or less like press it once and it'll do its thing, block other animated buttons from being run (block, not queue them) until the first one is finished?


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        Yeah, but remember that normal buttons, sliders, etc. can be used whilst the animation is in progress.

        So option 1 in the attached is the current action. Option 2 is to prevent a touch while all anitimers are in use. Option 3 is to prevent a touch while any anitimer is in use.

        Option 1 looks better for shorter animations, but yead, looks a bit odd for your long animations
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          option 2 looks good with the long animations, i'll prolly shave a few frames but seems good like this, it's also good to prevent hitting another button by accident thank you mark


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            i just realized the animation goes from 0 to top and then back down, which is exactly what the other half of the animation does, so i cut out all frames 81 and above so only the first 0-80 exist in the anibutton, it looks even nicer