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  • Custom Splash Screen

    Is there a way to remove the 4D System initial splash screen and top left logo and replace with our own? I've tried using FBI but it comes up too late in the process and also has some weird colour issues.

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    Regarding the splash screen, the raw file it loads is in the boot folder, if my memory is correct. 4dsplash.raw

    Making a splash image is simple enough. Raw 565 format is what it is.
    You could display an image on the TFT then dump the content of /dev/fb0 to disk, or use one of the many raw565 converters online (there is one on

    Regarding the logo at the top left, its a bit more complex. It is built into the Kernel, so unless you are rebuilding the kernel from source, you wont be able to change it.
    Looking at my records, the logo is located in the kernel at /armadillo-linux/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm
    Unsure if this path will help you at all though.
    I quick google search for "raspberry pi boot logo logo_linux_clut224.ppm" brought up this page, plus many more:

    I hope this helps somewhat