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4duino display not displaying anything

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  • 4duino display not displaying anything

    I just received my 4duino kit. I took the board out of the box and connected up a micro USB cable to it and my laptop. At that point the display on the board turned on and stayed lit. I started up WS4 IDE and loaded the Time_Stamp example from your website. The program appears to download to the 4Duino card, because it appears to be connecting to my wifi netwok. Nothing is being displayed on the screen of the 4Duino or the computer. There may be a problem with my serial connectdion, because under the COMMS tab the status box says "COM port not automatically scanned as device appears to be Aruino USB port Then when I scan the port I get "Device is not responding". Any suggestions how to get the 4Duino display to work?

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    Dear lupis11,

    Maybe, your PC is not configured that is why
    the program is not loading in the 4Duino.
    Could you please follow this steps:

    First , to compile Arduino
    sketches, you need the Arduino IDE installed.
    Please download the latest version (1.8.1).

    Here is the link:

    In the Arduino IDE, Click on File-->Preferences-->
    In the additional Board Managers:

    Paste this link:

    Under the Tools Tab, Click on Boards--Boards Manager-->Type-->Contributed
    -->Click on 4D avr boards by 4D systems-->Choose 1.6.12 then click on install

    If you are succesful in installing the installation for 4DUINO, you can see
    in the Tools->Board menu that the 4DUINO is listed under 4D systems Boards.

    Attached is the Windows Signed driver for the 4Duino. In the device manager
    click on the 4D systems 4DUINO with exclamation point. Click on update
    driver software. Browse my computer for driver software.
    Click on browse and select the directory of the 4d systems 4DUINO Signed driver folder.
    then click on install.

    On the device manager under COMS & LPT you can see the 4D systems 4DUINO listed
    if you are succesful in installing the device driver.

    When you power up the LCD, do you see a splash screen?

    In addition, when choosing the COMM Port, please choose the Arduino COMMS not
    the COMM Port near the round button at the left and connect the 4Duino to the
    PC using a MicroUSB cable.

    Best regards,


    • lupis11
      lupis11 commented
      Editing a comment
      In regards to your question about the splash screen on the display. I have never seen a splash screen. I plug in the micro USB cable between my PC and the board and the screen lights up with a solid pale white color and remains that way no matter what is done.

      I also did not see a windows driver attached. I have downloaded a driver from your web ste and installed it.


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    Dear lupis11,

    The LCD of the 4duino is often times white screen when
    the PMMC of 4D LCD is wrong or corrupted.

    Using a uUSB-PA5 USB to Serial Bridge, connect it to the
    Header of the Picasso.

    On page 19 to 20 in the 4Duino datasheet., follow the steps
    on how to program the PMMC and SPE of the 4D Graphics Processor.

    Here is the link of the datasheet of the 4Duino:

    Best regards,


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      I connected a uUSM-PA5 and connected it to the header of the Picasso. I performed both the SPE and PMMC steps on page 19-20. Screen went blank briefly while updating the SPE and PMMC and then the screen returned to white. I didn't see a splash screen as the document indicated. I also noticed that when I tried to upload a sketch using Workshop4 IDE, it was unable go upload the sketch.


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        Dear lupis11,

        In windows Device Manager, do you see the 4duino listed in the
        PORTS(COM & LPT )? If not, maybe, the bootloader of the ATMEL
        Microcontroller is corrupt.

        Using a programmer like the USBASP, choose the board in Arduino
        IDE which is 4DUINO. and Choose the Programmer to USBASP.
        The click on Burn Bootloader.

        If you don not have a USBASP, you can refer to this forum post
        using an Arduino UNO to program the 4DUINO.

        Please read post number 33 which explains this process.

        After burning the bootloader, try to load the examples in 4D Workshop.

        Best regards,


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          Yes, Windows device manager does list 4Duino in the PORTS(COM&LPT). It's listed as COM4 for my system.

          I do not have a USBASP. Reading post 33 per your request above, it requires two Arduino boards. I only have this single 4Duino board. However, I read post #31 that talked about loading the Arduino Blink example to test the bootloader. That sketch loads fine using the Arduino IDE through COM4. The led blinks per the example. Also, after the Blink sketch starts running, the screen changes from white to blank.

          However, when I load the Hello World example from 4D workshop, it compiles but says "an error occurred while uploading the sketch. Completed RC=1".


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            Dear lupis11,

            Can you scroll on the Status window of the 4D Workshop to see any other messages why it says "an error occurred while uploading the sketch. Completed RC=1". Does any other program
            like the Serial terminal of Arduino IDE or the Terminal program of 4D Workshop open when you are uploading the code to the 4Duino? Please close any program using COM4 or the COMM port of the 4Duino.

            Best regards,


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              Attached is a screenshot of the status window. I see nothing that gives any reason why the error. I don't see any indication that any program is running that would be using Com4.
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                Larger attachment Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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                  Dear lupis11,

                  Can you check if 4D systems 4Duino is listed in the boards
                  of the 4D Workshop?
                  Please do these steps, In 4D workshop, Click on Files Tab, then
                  choose Options. Then click on Arduino Tab. Check if there is
                  an entry which says:
                  4D systems boards->4Duino-2.4"

                  If it is not present, you need to do post number 2 of this thread.

                  Best regard,


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                    Here's what it shows Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture1.PNG
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                      here's another printout of the status window with all errors and warnings displays (via settings option). its showing something about COM3. I have COM4 set as 4Duino. Not sure why it's looking a COM3.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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Size:	303.1 KB
ID:	56160


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                        possible to try another pc?


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                          I will see what I can do


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                            I installed 4d workshop on another computer and installed the drivers. I can get the "hello world" sketch to compile and upload fine. The screen goes white for a while and then blanks out. I see no text.