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RED and BLUE swapped when running QT5 program

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  • RED and BLUE swapped when running QT5 program

    I am developing a program with QT5 and then I display RED, it shows are BLUE and visa-versa. A Google shows up a number of things for this but I have not found a fix for this on the Armadillo just yet.

    Seems that the Armadillo is wired for BGR and not RGB.

    Has anyone else run into this issue and have a fix for it?

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    Hi Dave,

    This is a bug of QT software, I believe their development team are still working on it to fix the bug.


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      It would seem that although your link is from Dec 2016, there are others going back to 2010 and it seems nothing has been fixed with this as of yet. I need to find a working solution ASAP or I won't be able to use the panels. I will test this same code on the Raspberry Pi and see if this is something to do with the processor LCD output as I did notice that the LCD connections are swapped from the normal convention of using RGB and your Armadillo is BGR, if we assume that the GPIO pins are in the same logical order.