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How to disable wifi?

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  • How to disable wifi?

    How do you disable the WiFi permanently?

    I have tried to select this as OFF in the network settings but every time it reboots, it's back on.

    I am using wired Ethernet only and having the WiFi active at the same time causes the SSH to become really sluggish and external calls to wget fail.

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    Hi Dave,

    In the Wicd Network Manager, you could try unchecking the "Automatically connect to this network" or "Never connect to this network" on the list of available connections.

    There is also a preference tab in Wicd manager, where you can check/uncheck options like:
    - Always switch to a wired connection..
    - Automatically recobbect on network connection loss..
    - Never Connect

    Could you also try commands like this one?

    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

    from: How To Disable Your Network

    This forum post might also be helpful:

    Disable WiFi (wlan0) on Pi 3

    Hope this helps,


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      In Wicd manager I set the WIFI to OFF but on a reboot it is enabled again. I'll try some of the other ideas.


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        For reference, editing /etc/rc.local and adding the following line works.

        sudo ifconfig wlan0 down