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Special characters with Serial (Goldelox)

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  • Special characters with Serial (Goldelox)


    After reading "4D-AN-00084_R_1_0 Serial Goldelox Displaying Third Party Fonts", and putting "Arial" font in µLCD-144-G2 µSD card, I can put some character like '°' (degre) but can't write '' (0x25BC'.
    I use "Goldelox_Serial_4DLib.h" Library with arduino.


    Could you help me.

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    Hi Grezco,

    You might be able to print special characters like '°' that is included in the font that you used.

    Check out this one: (° included)

    In displaying extra symbols like the ones included in Unicode, the following forums posts might be able to help:

    Displaying unicode fonts w/ sd card

    Displaying Thai Text

    Loading fonts from raw format (non-FAT16) SD cards

    Best Regards,


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      Hello Joseph,
      Thank you for your answer, but I don't understand why I can display '°' , but not ' ' or '€'

      When I look about Windows characters table, this extra symbols exist. What the difference ?

      Click image for larger version

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        Arduino uses UTF-8 which is not UNICODE, which is what the display requires.

        Have a look at this thread

        The solution is in post #17


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          I try to use UNICODE to UTF-8 converter.
          So ' ' (0x25BC) becomes 0xE2 96 BC
          -> Display.putCH(0xE296BC); and the display write '¼' (0xBC);

          To displaying third party font, the text editor of Workshop 4 indicated that the last character for Arial font is 255. Is the problem not here ?

          Click image for larger version

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            0x25bc is 0x25bc, where did you get the other bit from?

            Yes, 255 is the limit of the ANSI character set, to get the full Unicode set change the drop down next to the size to be Unicode


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              Originally posted by ESPsupport View Post
              to get the full Unicode set change the drop down next to the size to be Unicode
              I can't ! the scroll list is not editable.


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                Ahh, and that's a good pointer as to the real problem.

                Goldelox cannot do unicode fonts, It is restricted to the first 255 characters of any font. (more correctly characters 32 to 255).

                So you need to find a font that has a usable character in the first 255 characters.

                Maybe Wingdings 0xE2, or 0xEA?

                Wingings3 0x71 looks to be exactly it.

                There is another way you can do this, but it is a bit messy with SPE, so I won't bother going into it here


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                  thank you,

                  That's exactly what I finally did (0x70 and 0x71 of wingdings3 font).