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  • Auto baud detection

    Hi I have just started to experiment with the micro-VGA and it seams that the autobaud detection (U) does not work because I get framing error report from the UART in my cpu. The baudrate I use is 115.2 kBits/s, 1 stop bit, no parity and 8 bit characters.

    How many times do I have to send "U"?

    Best regards
    Lars - SM7LQV

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    Depending on the time it takes your host to boot, a pullup resistor may be required on the uVGA module's Rx line. This will prevent the module from seeing state changes on a floating host Tx pin as a start bit and locking on as an AutoBaud request. Please see page 45 of the uVGA-PICASO-MD1 User Manual for details.

    Good luck and happy experimenting,

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      Thank you Steve,

      You solved my problem but I connected the reset-pin to a port on my cpu and reset the uVGA after I init the serilaport. And then start the auto baud sequence. It works fine an my framebuffer driver for Linux is up and running.

      Lars - SM7LQV