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Workshop Error when compiling large ViSi project

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  • Workshop Error when compiling large ViSi project


    For the GUI I'm developing I do all of the design in Genie, then save the project as a ViSi project to inject a few snippets of my own code (GPIO things). I currently have 16 forms, 164 buttons, 102 strings, 60 videos (all but two of them are just 2 frames, 60x30 px), and several other images and form backgrounds. The Genie project compiles and loads perfectly, but the ViSi project no longer does after the recent addition of two more forms (to bring the total to 16).

    It looks like the compiler fails when it tries to generate GCI and DAT files ".g100" and ".d100." I can see that it generates everything up to that point (from .gc1 and .dc1 to .g99 and .d99), but fails there. When I remove the newest form, it only has to go up to ".g96" and ".d96," and the compile works perfectly.

    Is there any workaround for this, such as a way to increase the size of each generated file so that there are fewer of them? If I had to guess, it's not actually trying to create a ".g100" file, but rather a ".100" file. Maybe for the future, could this be encoded in hex, or be allowed to be 4 characters?

    Edit: I did just find a .100 file. That was the last thing it generated before crashing. The file is empty.

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    Are you using a very old version of Workshop?

    I'm not exactly sure but what you are describing was fixed in, which was released over 4 years ago.


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      This is in, which I had been working in and just reinstalled today to see if that would solve the problem. It is definitely crashing when it tries to generate the ".100" file, and it does not crash when it doesn't have to generate a ".100".

      For now I've deleted a few objects so that it only goes up to d/g96.


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        Genie doesn't generate strings that way anymore, but I suspect the issue is related to when you generate under ViSi, as it assumes you wont 'waste' strings when writing in ViSi the way you do in Genie. Still, I would have thought it wouldn't quite break things like that.

        Can you use File, Zip project (on a broken version) and send it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au?


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          I sent it. Thank you for your help.


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            Yes, this is a good example of the changes that were made for Genie in They were replicated in ViSi as it would potentially break existing ViSi code.

            We will look at implementing this in ViSi soon, and hope that by documenting the change that people will be able to change their ViSi code easily.


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              Originally posted by ESPsupport View Post
              They were replicated in ViSi
              They weren't replicated in ViSi?

              Is the best solution for now to delete a few GUI objects? I am okay with that, but it means that I probably can not expand this GUI any more until those changes happen. I don't exactly need to expand it yet, but it's not 100% done either.


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                Sorry, weren't.

                I will aim to send you a replacement Workshop that will work for you by Tuesday night Australian time.