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gen4 IoD 28T refreshrate

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  • gen4 IoD 28T refreshrate

    Good evening,

    this afternoon i saw the new displays from 4D Display, the gen4-IoD Series.
    Now according my documentation the Picaso Processor can redraw the entire Screen with 8,5 FPS, how fast is the gen4 IoD 28T.
    And wich grafic processor is on there?
    And what are the disadvantages compared to the gen4 uLCD 28PT because its 10Dollars cheaper.

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    Hi BennIY,

    We are still in the final stages of production and test information such as frame rates etc, will be available in the next few days.

    The IoD series are powered by the ESP8266 system on chip.

    the GPU is not a 4D Systems GPU, Screen drawing is carried out by the ESP8266.

    There are no disadvantages compared to the gen4 uLCD 28PT as such, the IoD can be programmed in WS4 in the same manner as the 28PT using the Visi environment.
    There are differences however. The dedicated GPU on the 28PT does make it a faster GFX device than the IoD but the IoD is no slouch and can still perfom impressive gfx functions at an reasonable frame rate.

    I will post the test results here in the next few day's.

    Best regards