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Thinking of buying a 4D Systems 4Duino-24 TFT Touchscreen Display Module, 2.4in - Camper Van monitoring unit.

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  • Thinking of buying a 4D Systems 4Duino-24 TFT Touchscreen Display Module, 2.4in - Camper Van monitoring unit.

    Hi, totally new to 4D and Ardunio tech, been thinking about getting onboard for a while and the 4Duino seems like a neat little solution to a project I would like to undertake. What I am looking for from the forum is if what I plan to do sounds like something the 4Duino with some add ons can do.

    Project: Have a self built camper van project and want to build a control system using the touch display to show information on Battery life of the camper, water tank levels, internal and external temps, external camera display, music mp3 playback via external bluetooth speaker, oh and GPS tracker would be nice.

    Using the info I have gained from viarous projects it sounds like some of this is pretty straight forward. However, not sure about bluetooth connectivity (it has wifi?) and I guess I can read voltage but not sure if that is direct (12v in) or via some external reader? The water tank level readyer I wondered if there was a sensor (IP Rated) that good feedback if wet or not?

    I guess also I can run the unit using a standard 12v USB plug that you can buy for the car?

    Any advice before I commit some cash would be very greatfully recieved.


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    Hi Andy,

    Welcome to the 4D forum.

    That sounds like a very neat project and yes the 4Duino is a good candidate for most of it. There are enough analog inputs for the items you want to measure and I have seen many examples of a potential divider circuit for measuring 12v+ levels that work well. A zener diode can be added for extra protection, but I have used a divider circuit on my car to an Arduino for several years now and has worked without problem for over a year now.

    We do supply a Somo II MP3 player for your MP3 playback but it isn't bluetooth and uCAM III which is a serial jpeg camera.

    The only issue you may have is the available serial ports to control the MP3 playback, Camera and GPS. There are ways of using multiple instances of Software Serial but it would require switching between devices which might not be a problem to you.

    Our gen4 Diablo displays offer the capacity for the functions you require and also have several hardware serial ports.

    The 4Duino can be run from a standard 12v USB plug intended for vehicle use.

    I hope this helps and please contact us again if you need more information.

    Best regards