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Capacitive Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi Zero W

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  • Capacitive Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi Zero W

    Hi forum members,

    I'm new to the Raspberry Pi topic and want do built my first project using the new Raspberry Pi Zero W, a touch display and Openhab to control home automation. As is understand the 4dpi displays plug directly onto the Raspberry and work right? But they are resistive touchscreens.

    I would like to use a capacitive touchscreen, because I want to use my fingers to control and no stylus. As well as a fast response. Is a capacitive screen much better for finger use?
    Does the gen4-uLCD-35DCT-CLB-PI pack for example fits on the Zero W? Do I have to use the 4dsystems software to program the screen or is it also plug and play? If I have to program can I "link" the UI with Rasbian and Openhab? I didn't get that.

    Can you remove the Cover Lens Bezel from the capacitive displays or do you need them/ are they fixed?

    Many thanks for helping me and all your answers!!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The documentation for the Pi Zero states that is comaptible with pHAT/HAT add ons. 4D pi HAT displays are designed to plug into the 40 way connector. The Pi HAT acts as a primary display and allows the desktop to be used on the Pi Hat screen.

    The resistive models are very responsive and also allow finger use, but the capacitive touch are better when only a light finger touch is required or swiping.

    The gen4-uLCD-35DCT-CLB-PI needs to be programmed via Workshop 4 where you can create impressive fast GUI's and accepts serial commands from the Pi so Rasbian wouldn't be available as a desktop on this type of display. Using drag and drop style widgets you can create complex touch GUI's where screen drawing task's and touch responses are taken care of by the display, taking that overhead away from the host. There is a library available for the Pi here

    The Cover lens bezel is part of the glass screen an as such cannot be removed.

    I hope this helps