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Can't upgrade raspbian

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  • Can't upgrade raspbian

    I recently buy a 4DPi-32 v2
    I download the image from Dropbox and flashed it to the SD card.
    The Pi and the screen (with touch) works great, but now I can't update the software on my Pi
    when I do a
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    the Pi does all but if I power it off, It will not start again, I have to reflash the image to make it work again.
    I want to be able to upgrade my software AND to continue using this display.
    Anyone know why this is happening? There is a solution?

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    I have tried to do an sudo apt-get update and upgrade before and after applying the latest
    4DPi Hat package and I am not successful . It seems the kernel is not compatible when a
    update or upgrade is performed.

    One solution is just use the latest Raspberry Pi (April 2017) so it comes with the latest features
    of the Linux OS.

    Here is the link of the Latest Raspberry Pi with the 4D Package applied. You do not need
    to do anything. The image is for the 4DPi-32-II Revision 2.0 Hardware. The revision 2.0
    hardware uses the AR1021 touch chip.


    Best regards,


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      That doesn't solve the problem, If I use that image, I can boot normally, but still can't update/upgrade the pi.