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Allowing external editor to edit 4D files.

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  • Allowing external editor to edit 4D files.


    Is there any way that the IDE can allow an external editor to edit the files, like Arduino does? The IDE is by no means impractical, it's just a matter of taste.

    Currently, I edit the file externally and I change tabs in the IDE so that it can detect the changes I've made. However, sometimes the file is not properly refreshed, needing to close and re-open it from the IDE.

    Ideally, the IDE would lock its interface, not allowing any changes while refreshing the file in the background.

    It is no critical issue, of course, just throwing the idea out there.

    Thank you for your time,

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    What are the 'matter of taste' issues that you are facing?

    Very few IDEs lock the file these days.

    And as for changing tabs to detect file changes, that is really the only way.

    When we tested using the other technique (i.e. using Windows 'file change notification') we noticed that it doesn't always work and thus we didn't use it as we felt the issue made it more of a problem than a help.


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      What I mean by "matter of taste" is things like keyboard shortcuts, code completion, and ease of customizability in an interface I'm already familiar with (Notepad++).

      The Arduino IDE does something like that; it has a "Use external editor" option which does not let you edit the file and, when you click on "Verify" or "Compile" or you click somewhere on the interface, it re-loads the file. Of course, I'm not talking about compiling, just editing. I still compile with the 4D Workshop. It just makes it easier and faster to write code on an interface that you already have customized to your needs. I even created a list of all the DIABLO internal functions for Notepad to highlight.

      As I said before, I am not trying to degrade the quality of the 4D IDE; I'm just inquiring on this idea.


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        Workshop uses the 'standard' keyboard shortcuts and code completion.

        We will add improvement of the 'file modified by another program' detection to the 'to do' list


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          Thanks a lot for the reply