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4gen-ulcd-43dt vs ulcd-43dt

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  • 4gen-ulcd-43dt vs ulcd-43dt

    I realy don't understand the diffrences between this two versions.
    I'm currently working with the uLCD-32PTU and arduino mega, i want to upgrade my display to gen4-uLCD-43DT
    it will work the same? i will have to make some changes in my codes or some kind of HW change?


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    it will work the same, but, the layout of widgets will not be set right obviously on the 43DT, you just need to move them around
    if you have been using the GPIO pins you'll need to reconfigure them as the diablo and picasso are not the same pinout


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      Tnx tonton,
      I noticed there is diffrence in flash and RAM memory ,power consumption between the diablo16 to the picaso processor displays.
      But can't figure out the difference between GEN4-uLCD-43DT to the uLCD-43DT. and why there is such a price distinction?


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        mostly they use the same hardware, but the 4th gen has it's pins accessible on a ribbon cable as well as the programming is done over the ribbon. the pcb is also encased mostly in the protective plastic casing of the lcd (were talking about the gen4 models)

        the non gen4's have the pins on the mainboard of the lcd, which is mostly exposed

        the hardware, chips, are the same, its more of a layout
        also, gen4's dont have a speaker, you need to add one


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          Thank you Tonton