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Picaso 3.2 + RPi2 with relays

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  • Picaso 3.2 + RPi2 with relays

    I have managed to get visi-genie setup and 4 relays running on the RPi and can toggle them via wiringpi. My question is, is there a way to control the RPi GPIO with out using wiringpi because what I would like to do is have homeassistant or openhab running on the RPi and also control the relays(later temp sensors) and have homebridge installed so I can control via siri. When I have homeassistant running and the RPi-gpio set homeassistant allows me to control the relays but then it disables the wiringpi for the 4d systems part of the project. I may be wrong but it seems that only onegpio pin setup can be used at a time. My other option is to create a python script for a custom set of sensors(relays and temp sensors) within homeassistant but I am having a little bit of issues with that. I am not sure if the <geniePi.h> needs the <wiringPi.h> as the setup is just digitalWrite for the relays. So if anyone has had any experiance with not using wiringPi with the 4d picaso connected to the RPi it would be greatly appreaciated.

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    I have figured out how to overcome this issue. I have removed the wiringpi.h and it's code and replaced it with PiGpio and it's code. Worked really good and now both features work.
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