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  • Battery Power Supply

    I started this project to create/develop a Battery Power Supply with a touchscreen interface for my audio system using the gen4-uLCD32DT.
    4D Systems and his programming language is completely new for me so i need a lot of learning on that

    The user interface should do some tasks:
    - Splashscreen intro, automatically redirect to a new form,
    - Because of the 2S lipo as a battery it should track the voltages. Below 7,3V it should go to another form where the background changes in color. Below 7V is should automaticaly charges the battery and also goes to another form.
    - Because of tracking the voltages it should also control 4 relais at 12V with time delay.
    - Completely design the userinterface with own backgrounds and buttons.

    I'll keep the progress updated here.

    Start of the project:

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    Some progress ...
    Updated the graphics and did some functional tests.


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      Hi Eic,

      Excellent, very nice graphics. Thank you for sharing it with us.

      Best regards



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        Thanks Paul !
        And you of course for helping me out!
        I shall post the seperate codes on the right sections of the forum, if someone needed it and struggle with the same issues


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          This is amazing man, excellent work

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            Thanks James.
            Sadly due other things happens this year i couldn't finish this project.
            Technically it's almost ready and planning to buy this week most of the electronic parts.


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              As promised
              Functionally it works, yeah !

              There were some tough 'problems' to overcome but it is solved now.
              I had some problems when a pin-input should be triggered on a voltage between 2-3V.
              The problem was when testing a trigger i leave a cable on my workbench and did not connect it. So i could put it by hand on a 3V to see if the trigger works, but it seams that the cable should be connect to 0V (earth in this case) otherwise it put the input to 'high'.
              So a 'floating' cable was a big problem to solve because i thought if it didn't see anything connected on the input it sees it as a "0", but it didn't.

              Other 'little' problem was when i put on the device into "charge" mode it switched off immediately.
              I used a "100% LED" as trigger. When it is lit the LiPo is charged and balanced so a function will shutoff the charger.
              The problem was when the charger switched on for the first time is has to do its own sequence where the LEDs are also lit .... problem is that the charger is switched of immediately then.
              I solved this to put the code in a timer function where i can switch it on or off.

              Anyway, here's a photoshop how it should looks finally.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	y4mm4ipbxOhbE52xGXcg-Qbqc9ZFBV0g0Dv5dfHHI_6dc6gNLPXHdqlSaV31FdRkZpTcy2aFZ3yNQtFHJOMQLK90W_K4CdoKENn8WhrHVopuYhMyS9FxKZnii34rMbUd0ubEYOpTcgaOVcSVlSzNdCFnxONEt6DM2zLHt0ySUhGIRMExKRt5aen-PAp_85lAF9uypBWPZyZ39B1xm0AAeG9wQ?width=800&height=463&cropmode
Views:	190
Size:	76.0 KB
ID:	61484

              The LiPo Power Supply has the following checks:
              - Voltage dependent looks and security,
              - Undervoltage security,
              - Overvoltage security,
              - 2 analog triggers (battery and charger balanced),
              - 4 outputs to relaisboard,
              - Sleepmode function when battery is fully loaded and manual shutdown,
              - On all cases when there is a fault the battery is not connected to anything and the charger is off.

              First i want a black chassis but i decided to go for the silver because most of my gear is silver.
              Therefor i will update the UI ...

              To be continued when i received my charger and battery and some other stuff.
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                Hi Eric,

                Glad to see that you got it finished and you final design of how it should be looks very neat.It looks great in silver. Very Nice work Eric

                Thank you again for sharing it with us.

                Best regards



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                  Forgot to post my finalized version.
                  Full functional working !

                  And some graphics of the UI

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	y4m3GLqKKbZEdDs9uLnI5yTbR-lV8JxpznZPm9mOjo5O88u-8NQ8zEU2cqdlHjPyEAzbBMkHKPCiOfZDtL0_qFQbbakWXM1HT-V5UpMbEB5PnJFcHerY4n-ptTGyJe4lSZ-EjRn40An30tF-3h6mLnNcqVMQK3mxsv4ii58i8yOwPWMX3krL2TJjC-NZx0X3imYPVWNt4HNXjQm4n_67easxQ?width=320&height=240&cropmode Views:	1 Size:	23.1 KB ID:	66632

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_3449.jpg
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Size:	23.1 KB
ID:	66633

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_3450.jpg
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ID:	66635

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	y4mEjOcuS2V_M2hRzx5KTQ_9geJ5DLkbRXCnHSV9520F2dvZQkc3UV9bGLNHgYJuYP441pSkTFUo40Zrns2FMVA1-5f3mLDGsPi-ouUQGMpEk4VEpy4pxEggZ8F5--i6KGJH4htTBbjRSmdeqDheIQIzeIBDr0n64Xuo8ITImxVCSrHlTu-uYXW8PYAMeZwzuOOCbvWfSSNIp69wGz0NXFOCw?width=320&height=240&cropmode Views:	1 Size:	33.8 KB ID:	66637