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4DPi-24-HAT kernel for Debian Stretch (and/or Buster)

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    Hi Alex,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Raspbian release 2017-11-29 should work with gen4-hats_4-9-59_v1.1.tar.gz on Raspberry Pi 2.
    Open a new Ticket on regarding on your 4DPi-24HAT white screen issue.

    Thank you.



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      Originally posted by strancara View Post
      Hi Peter,

      it should be possible to compile a 4.9 kernel using sources form Except for the pwmbl module, which will not be supported any more in the future. There are also new sources attached, which support newer displays that are not being sold yet. These were used to build the kernel package. Please remove the .txt extension; attachment is a .tar.gz, but forum did not allow me to upload a file with a .gz extension.

      Dear Andrej,
      thank you for providing the sources. I successfully compiled my own kernel 4.9.76-v7+ (based on commit I had to copy the device tree compile script and the device tree overlay source 35-hat.dts from

      Kind regards


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        I installed this: (note, this is all I installed, I used my original updated stretch image, not a custom image from 4d)
        $ wget
        $ sudo tar -xzvf 4d-hats_4-9-35_v1.0.tar.gz -C /

        to my pi zero running stretch and followed the instructions to get it going however I am having an issue with applications being way oversized. It appears like the screen is only showing the upper left hand corner (about 25%) of a much larger screen. I did change the menu to small icons so now all of the icons show on the screen but if I open an application, the window is so big I can only see 25% of the application and in some cases cannot scroll over to close the window.

        What am I doing wrong ?