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picaso 3.2ptu leddigit 1 wire visi-genie with magic code

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  • picaso 3.2ptu leddigit 1 wire visi-genie with magic code

    Hopefully someone has info to point me in the right direction.
    I have created a project, it has 16 relays connected to a raspberry pi with homeassistant also I have 5x ds18b20 temp sensors connected to the RPi and also the data and grd to the picaso. I can make this work with just temp sensors form on picaso. This is a 7 form project. I have all the buttons working and relays working on the picaso and they switch the relays just fine until I add the magic code for the DS18b20 sensors. No matter what I do the leddiggits show up on form0 and none of the buttons or relays work, once I removed the repeat and forever from the magiccode I can press buttons and get relays to work but I have to hold the button or relay for a few seconds but still have the leddigits on every form and now they are refreshing about every second and only output 322 in the leddigits. I have uploaded the visi-genie project with the magic code. I am not looking for someone to create my project for me just some help in the right direction. I am missing something small it seems.
    Thanks for any help.
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    I am looking through you project. I think in your main/loop code you could comment out all the img_Show(hndl, iLeddigits0); part, I think that may be automatic whem form 5 is shown. That is why it shows on every form. You are right to remove the repeat forever.

    Move the var statements to magic0

    can you try that with the Leddigits and the vars first.

    You may have to put the Leddigits updating in an if ... endif condition if the Leddigits are still being displayed on every form.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      I have tried multiple different ideas with the code and they either show the temps and none of the buttons work or the temsp do not update and the buttons work but shows the temps on all pages. I have been able to use an arduino connected to the tx0 and rx0 along with the RPi connected to the programming rx and tx and can get it to update on form5 like it should but would like to not have to use the arduino if possible. The difference between using the i05 pin and the arduino is the i05 pin code I have found physically redraws the leddiggits over the existing digits which I think is the issue and causing it to be shown on all pages where the arduino code dows not drws the led digits it updates them so it only shows on the form5. I have included the arduino code. My question and I have looked thru forums and searched the internet but not finding anything is, there is a genie.WrithObject() for ardunio and a genie.WriteStr for the RPi is there a function like either for the 4dsystems pins instead of the ledDigitsDisplay(x, iLeddigits0+1, 15, 4, 2, 28, 0) ;? I think this would fix the issue from what I have been playing around with. I have tried both but does not recognize either in the code when building it.
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