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4dpi-32-II screen/font/window size

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    Everything I did, was in Andrej's post, #21 on the previous page.

    You are delving into Raspbian and Linux now
    While we can do our best to help you, this is potentially more suited for Raspberry Pi forums etc, as they will have more experience with this stuff, given its their product and their OS.
    We really are just providing an SPI monitor which displays the output from Raspbian.

    Hopefully you can do what you need though with the information in hand.



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      Hi James, Just grabbed an hours sleep.

      Thank you all for your help. I apologise if I have taken up more time than is necessary.

      Perhaps my expectations were a little high and thank you all for going the extra mile into Pi territory.

      If I may suggest what could be done to stop others from treading the same path and please do not interpret it as criticism and I do realise this is moving into Pi territory but reputations could be at stake:- A small paragraph relating to the Pi that explains that the display will work as it should at QVGA with a caveat that further adjustments are needed (as #21) before applying the patch to improve usability under OSs like Raspbian. Integration with apt-get or aptitude would save tuns of time for all concerned.

      It is quite natural for someone to follow the docs [1] and discover it does not work at all to then not recognise a fix because the result without the steps in #21 [2] leaves the user with an unusable interface.

      [1] Error in docs because raspbian rebuilds occur frequently and under someone else’s control: You may know that in the linux world it is best practice to run sudo apt-get update periodically and always before installing any package. The update/upgrade process should also pull in the latest display driver. Has anyone considered automating the kernel patch build process so it remains in sync with the Pi kernel and holding the compiled code in a repository or maybe supplying the source to the raspbian repository so it is recompiled at the same time. The kernel dependency should be quite straight forward. This method would deliver a much better experience for all concerned, then you guys can get on with more interesting stuff than going through this every month.

      [2] I misunderstood #21 just because of the words 'work around'. I interpreted it as not addressing the actual problem but just easing things a little.

      Many thanks to all contributors,

      Best regards,


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        Hi Ozpoz,

        Thanks for your post and thanks for your recommendations, going the extra mile is what we do. You and James seem to have made good progress.

        Thank you for all your help.

        Best regards



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          Hi Paul,

          You are welcome, thank you.

          Feel free to mark the support title as '[Solved]' if you think it will save others some time.

          Best regards,