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Custom Design using PICASO Embedding Microprocessor

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  • Custom Design using PICASO Embedding Microprocessor

    Greetings All,

    I have used 4D Systems displays in several projects, they work great! After learning how to use these displays I have decided to make my own instead of purchasing them for $ 70-100 USD.
    Currently I have a custom printed circuit board which I plug the 4D display into, but I am interested in moving all the display circuitry to my board and attaching the TFT with a ribbon cable. This would still use the PICASO embedded processor.
    I would think this would be a common situation as most companies could not afford to use development modules in their end-user-product.

    I am posting here to try to get some information on doing this, and see what kind of resources there are for such a build.

    Here are some of the components from the schematic:

    -PICASO (embedded graphics processor)
    -TPA6205A1 (Mono Audio Amplifier 1.25W)
    -uSD card MOLEX 473340001 microSD connector
    -LP2985AIM5-3.3 (LDO regulator 3.3V 150 mA)
    -AR1020T-I/SS (resistive touch screen controller)
    -CT0026-SAGNFS-43-S1-E-M (no part found)
    -FAN5333B (Serial LED driver backlight)
    -LP3990MF-1.2 (LDO regulator 1.2V 150 mA)
    -SSD1963 (LCD display controller)

    Any technical help is much appreciated. As well as information regarding what most businesses or engineers do to move into an end-user product.



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    Hello NB

    If you are wanting 4D Systems to help you with this, you are best to raise a support ticket, and this can then be directed to the right people to assist you.
    If you are after the community to help, then sure, ask here.

    I am not 100% sure what your question is though. If you are building a display solution yourself, and using our schematic etc as a guide, then you should be well on your way to having a solution already. The main question comes down to the display you are using, and the PmmC that goes in Picaso to allow you to drive that display. If you are not planning to use a 4D Systems display with Picaso, then potentially you will need customisations done to the PmmC to allow you to drive that display you are selecting. This is where you need to work with us before you start, so we can help you iron out these problems.
    Obviously the next part is then getting supply of Picaso processors, so you will need to discuss with our Sales team on that.
    Our sales team is the best first point of contact.