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Creating new "widget" or "handle" in Workshop 4

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  • Creating new "widget" or "handle" in Workshop 4

    I am using the 4Duino to attempt to display temperature-data across a human body, with data from the sensors corresponding to color-zones on a 2D human "analog".

    Of course, no pre-made "handles" in WorkShop4 correspond to this, or to the other buttons I would like to include (2D fan-images corresponding to the desired states--off, auto, manual)*.

    *In slightly-related inquiry, I'm trying to find code that lets me detect "taps" on the screen, so I can switch between having the screen "off" or "on"---thus saving LED-life.

    I swung-through this thread, however that seems to be directing users to Visio and not Workshop 4? While I wanted to inquire further on the original thread, my interest and applications for my own project seemed to diverge from the original thread, so I have submitted my inquiry separately.

    I have some experience in Python, C++, and C, though I am by no means fluent in any. I'm hoping my goals can be obtained through a simple (or set of) nudge(s) in the correct direction, as that gap seems to be what is in front of me now.