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Getting started with Raspberry pi 3 and μLCD-32PTU-PI

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  • Getting started with Raspberry pi 3 and μLCD-32PTU-PI

    Hi I need simple getting started guide that will let me call objects on the lcd from pi
    I was able to program the screen but I am not sure what steps i need to take to to make calls from a phython or any programming language from PI so I can access the objects on the LCD

    My project is to make a custom motorcycle gauge read the values from GPIOs and call the corresponding object on lcd to update
    for example RPM Gauge needs to updated once I sense the value from RPM sensor , speed from GPS etc

    I am stuck with on the how to step for setting up PI with 4dsystems and actually making a call inside my program to the lcd with the values

    I am sorry if all this does not make sense I am bit confused
    I will really appreciate the help,

    I have also included my sketch for lcd 32WPTU-Pi
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    Hello Param2000,

    I couldn't open the project that you attached. A file is missing it seems. When sending a WS4 project, you can use the Zip Project option in WS4 File menu, to make sure that project files are intact.

    You are using the ViSi-Genie environment, based on the file that you attached. ViSi-Genie applications use the ViS-Genie communications protocol to talk to other devices. You can check the ViSi-Genie User Reference Manual for more information on the protocol and on how to drive the gauges.

    Also, there is a document relevant to your inquiry:
    ViSi-Genie Connecting a 4D Display to the Raspberry Pi

    This app note was written using a model B Raspberry Pi, but you should be able to use it as a reference.

    Hope this helps and Best Regards,


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      URL for the demo I am following

      Hi I even tried with Genie Basic Demo
      I was able to load the lcd with the image
      checked the baud rate onthe project was 115200
      was able to compile the program on Raspberry pi 3
      i was able to run the program but the screen was not receiving values

      [Note] the instruction on this pdf is for raspberry p1 2

      I really appreciate your help
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