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Fast Clearing the Scope in Visi Genie

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  • Fast Clearing the Scope in Visi Genie

    I use the scope widget to show a current and voltage measured.
    My scope is shown on a uLCD-32PTU with 210 pixels width.

    My problem is to clear (reset) the scope in a fast way before each new measurement.
    The refreshincrement is set to 7 which gives a smooth presentation of the measured data.

    I tried to clear the scope this way:

    for (i=0;i<210;i++) {

    But this is very slow.
    Is there a better way?



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    Hi Michael,

    Do you use the Pro version of Workshop 4. It would be possible to do this much faster using magic code that comes as part of the Pro license.

    Best regards



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      Trendy commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello Paul,

      can you give me an example how the code looks in magic code? I have Pro Version and using Visie Genie. Thanks alot

      Best regards

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    Finally I bought the pro version. I will try it soon. Thanks


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      I have a similar problem with time taken to clear the display.

      Is it possible to change the RefreshIncrement() using a code snippet....?

      I am trying to use the scope function to represent the output of one of our electrostatic instruments. The width of the scope is 512 pixels and under normal operation the scope updates every 100ms and plots a new value. I've measured the time it takes for the display to plot a new point at about 47ms, but I would like to clear the display at the end of the cycle and writing 512 points at 47ms a point will take a long time to process. So what I would like to do, is change the Refreshincrement to 512, clear the display and then reset it back to 1 for the next set of real data.

      Is this possible...?