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32PTU Display +Visi Genie + Parallax Propeller Question

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  • 32PTU Display +Visi Genie + Parallax Propeller Question


    I have a Parallax Propeller that I am using to communicate with a 32PTU LCD display. I downloaded the App Note about Generating Header Files believing this might be a good starting point to communicating between the Propeller and the LCD display. I have used the Visi Genie software to create the files for the display, and they are displayed properly on the LCD. A few months ago I created a simple program where I could press a button on the LCD display and move a servo. This seemed to work. Now I am trying to have the Propeller chip send a command to blink an LED on the display and this does not seem to be working. I have also tried send a command to the display to switch between 2 different forms and this does not seem to work either.

    Does someone (4D Systems included) have a sample SPIN program for the Propeller that I could read through and better understand what I might be doing wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    -Rob W.

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    Hello Robert, did you solve this? I'm using a Propeller as a master to my uLCD-32PTU through serial communication. I'm using C and I'm not familiar with SPIN, but I'm sure the concept will be similar.