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4D 4.3” LCD CAPE Change I2C Bus

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  • 4D 4.3” LCD CAPE Change I2C Bus

    I'm using a 4D 4.3" LCD CAPE (Non-resistive touch). Currently I'm using the most up to date Debian distribution, Debian 9.1 2017-08-24 4GB SD LXQT. The wireless cape I'm using (, uses I2C1 for UART1 RTSN and CTSN. Is there any way I can make this cape use I2C2 instead of I2C1?

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    Hi cmajor28

    Welcome to the Forum.

    You are using a 4DCAPE-43, or a gen4-4DCAPE-43 ?
    I am assuming the former.

    I2C2 is used by the EEPROM, so as far as I am aware, this is not available for devices to use also, but I may be wrong.
    I2C1 is used for CTP only, but CTP was never released of the 4DCAPE-43, it has only become available on the gen4-4DCAPE range. But yours is non-touch anyway, so I2C1 shouldnt be used at all.
    Changing the way this works would require you to edit the Kernel and rebuild it I believe.
    The kernel is built into the distribution, we have no influence on it, so to change it I believe you would have to modify the generic Overlay associated with the LCD capes, and then rebuild the kernel.

    I2C however is a bus, so you should be able to use more than 1 device on the bus without a problem....


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      I'm actually using 4DCAPE-43. But if modifying the device tree is all that is needed I can do that pretty easily. Thanks for the response.