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    I'm working on creating a compile script for a pretty complex project but having some trouble. I'm using a Windows .bat script to do the job and can successfully invoke and run the script, but the result is not as expected. The IDE will normally produce the .4XE or .4FN files I desire, but the compile script I've written produces .aux, .bin, .err, .map, and .pjt files. How do I get the blasted thing to create .4XE and .4FN files?

    Also, I'm interested in writing a loader script using the SCRIPTC.exe program but can't find any documentation. Any help would be appreciated?

    For reference, here's my compileAll.bat script

    REM Work Paths
    set FourDPath=C:\PROGRA~2\4DLABS~1\4DWORK~1
    set ProjectPath=D:\project\v2
    REM Paths
    set CompilerPath=%FourDPath%\DEP
    set FourDIncludesPath=%FourDPath%\INCLUDE
    set ProjectIncludesPath=%ProjectPath%\inherits
    set ScreensPath=%ProjectPath%\screens
    REM Compile the display manager
    %CompilerPath%\4dcompiler.exe -Q -P -N %FourDIncludesPath% -P %ProjectIncludesPath% -O %ProjectPath%\output\manager
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    Try the attached, use /? to see the command line options.

    The samples contain the documentation relevant to them, they are beneath the C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\SCRIPTS folder
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      Does ScriptC Support the Diablo based boards? When I try passing that one in it crashed and I get a stack dump and a bunch of program disassembly.


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        If you are talking about line 1 in Scriptc, just use the line that is in the samples as is (The line has no functionality for the demonstrated usage, but must be there)

        If you still get an error, there should be some text outlining why at the start.

        If there isn't please post your script here


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          I pass file.bin to makeXeFn.exe Which successfully generates file.4XE, however the file.cfg is incomplete. The contents of file.cfg are "Unknown,0,Diablo,Unknown" instead of "Gen4-uL CD-43DT,2,Diablo,Gen4-uLCD-43DT-A." What am I doing wrong?


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            Hello dom,

            If the incomplete '.cfg' file causes error(s) when loading the program to yor display, please try using this version of the program loader to load your project to your module.

            I hope this helps.

            Best regards,
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              This version does allow me to load the program with an incomplete .cfg file, thanks. My concern, though, is that this now allows me to load a program compiled for a certain display model to any display model. Having a program loader that verifies the .cfg ensures that a program can only be loaded to a display that it was compiled for. In my Powershell script I have
              Start-Process -FilePath "$make4XEpath" -ArgumentList """$workName.bin"" ""$projectPath"""
              Where $make4XEpath is the path to makeXeFn.exe, $workName.bin is the path to the binary created by 4dcompiler.exe, and $projectPath is the output directory. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

              Having this updated program loader that doesn't verify the .cfg will do the trick, but ideally I would have a properly generated .cfg file that is verified by the program loader. This would just add an extra layer of security by stopping the less technical support staff from loading a program to the wrong display


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                Any word on the proper method of generating a .cfg file outside of the IDE?
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