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Frequent Error Message When Downloading

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  • Frequent Error Message When Downloading

    I frequently get this message:

    "Device is not responding. Please check your configuration. Have you got an SGC Pmmc loaded by mistake?"

    If I hit Download a 2nd time, everything works fine. It seems to only happen when the images are rebuilt and loaded onto the SD card. If I don't change the images and only modify the code, I can continuously program the board with no errors.

    I am using the uLCD-144-G2 display with the Goldelox processor on a custom board. The design matches the reference design.

    I have an official 4D programming cable (tried 2 of them) and have loaded the uLCD-144-G2-R26.PmmC file. Using Workshop V4.5.0.8 Pro.

    Any ideas?
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    It's not a fault or an error, it just means the serial port is busy. It can happen every now and again but is nothing to worry about at all.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      It's pretty annoying during development.

      Also, the serial port is only listening for commands in my project, so not sure why it would be busy.


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        Check the power supply to your board and the order in which you are downloading and reinserting the uSD card.

        I suspect the reinserting of the uSD is causing the display to reset, due to lack of power, or something and the download is starting during the reset period which is causing the message.