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  • SOMO-II Schematic

    Hi all,

    just couple of questions:

    1) Is possible to have the schematic of the SOMO-II audio module?

    2) I use the module with a microcontroller so I just use the TX/RX mode, anyone know if is good to left the ADKEY, NEXT, PREV pin floated or if is better connect those with a pull-up resistors?
    I ask because my project is fitted in the car and I noticed that if the module is fitted close in the center of the car dashboard (air vents) sometimes the SOMO start to play the files on its own and it doesn't stop until I switch it off and then back on, but if I move the board somewhere else like on the passenger side the problem disappear, it sounds like the module get some noise probably from the alternator or from some cables running behind the air vents of the car.

    That is my project, in that position the SOMO works perfect:

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    Welcome to the forum,

    Very nice video and project. Excellent work. A very wet day in the UK

    I don't have a schematic of the SOMO-II module but I will try to get one. In the meantime we have another SOMO module which is similar and the schematic can be found on page 25 of this datasheet

    It would be best to pull up the key pins to avoid false key inputs.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards