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  • Workshop feature requests

    After using Workshop for all of 6 weeks, I had a couple of suggestions!
    1. Compilation Notices should be enabled when Workshop is first installed to aid new users, while still allowing the user to toggle that option in settings. For brand new users, it seems like a better idea to give them more information than less, allowing them to turn off notices later if they want.
    2. User should be able to copy the messages in the compilation status pane to the clipboard to facilitate sending in an email or posting that information on the forums
    3. Selecting multiple rows of source code and pressing tab (or shift-tab) to change the indentation level of a block of code seems to affect one more row of code than was actually selected
    4. It should be more obvious in 4D Workshop that selecting the code Destination under the Project menu only controls where the code is downloaded to, and that it does not control where the code runs from. I only randomly stumbled across the #MODE RUNFLASH directive while searching for something else on the forums. I'll confess I hadn't read all of the 4DGL Programming Manual, instead I was mostly picking through the Picaso Internal Functions manual, and only flipping over to the 4DGL manual when needed. So I never made it to section 5.5 to find the #MODE directive documentation.
    5. Ability to split the source code window into a couple different panes to be able to see two different sections of code simultaneously.

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    Thanks for those comments
    1. It was felt that many of the notices were simply that, notices, and hence they would confuse a beginner more than assist them
    2. Select the messages you want to copy and right click, they will be put on the clipboard (hmm, maybe short be a bit more obvious)
    3. Worst part is that this often works, it's something to do with the way the block is selected
    4. Nowhere in 'Destination' is there anything that implies the program will run from flash if flash is selected as the destination. Regardless, people often assume just that, so we need to somehow make that point clearer
    5. Sorry the editor dos not have that capability (apart from code folding, which is not quite the same)


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      As far as #4, I agree, it doesn't specifically state anywhere that downloading to flash also means that the code will run from flash. I meant more that from a beginners standpoint, it isn't obvious HOW to make code run from flash, or that that is even an option. Maybe modifying the tooltip when hovering over the Flash button?

      Also, when creating a new program via the new button (at least with a Visi project, I haven't tried anything else), Workshop automatically populates something that will compile correctly, but it also contains a bunch of commented out code that has actual comments following it telling the user what that code will do if uncommented. Maybe doing something like the following at the top of the file would be helpful?
      #platform "Gen4-uLCD-24PT"
      // Program Skeleton 1.3 generated 9/21/2017 5:57:53 PM
      #inherit "4DGL_16bitColours.fnc"
      #inherit ""
      #inherit ""
      //#MODE RUNFLASH // uncomment to run code from flash. Only applicable when code is downloaded to flash